The history of the club
The club was founded in 1946 by the apprentice training centre of MOTOR UNION company. The area of Kleť mountain became the main training venue. The most important competition activity was the participation of club´s downhill skiers in the division team competition. The cross-country skiers participated in the second league and later in the national league.
At the beginning of the 1950´s the skiing club became a part of a bigger club – TJ MOTOR České Budějovice sports club.

The president of the club was cross-country skier Milan Hlavatý. Another part of the club was the ice-hockey team, which played the highest competition.
The activity in the year 1957 and 1962 are shown in the next pictures. The common photo show members of the club at the time, from the left side:
(3 - Heřman, 2 - Cahák, 49 - Topka, 46 - Zachar, 44 - Černý, 1 - Kadlec, 45 - Čapek, 48 - Koudelka, 10 - Kalousek, 47 - Řehoušek).

Members of TJ Motor (1957)

Race in Dobrá Voda u ČB (1962)
After acquiring a property in Kvilda conditions for cross-country were created, as well as there were new accommodation capacities for the skiers. The plan for building up a ski slope with a lift in the village of Kvilda failed.

Apart from the racing activities of the downhill and cross-country skiers, a public ski school for youth was opened.

At the end of the 1980´s the whole club had the most numerous membership. The photos show the activity of the club members at that time.

Jaroslav Strada preparing skis before a competition
Kubova Huť (1986)

Regional champion Lucie Stradová
Kubova Huť (1986)

Members of cross-country skiing section at that time

Member of TJ Motor Ota Kramosil

After 1989 the interest in sporting activities decreased. Adults started to be engaged in business.
In the south of Bohemia only very few competitions were held and the youth was not interested in taking parts in the national ones.
The club remained active in cross-country skiing, but only in the adult category. In 2007 the downhill skiers became active again thanks
to the former competitors, whose children started to compete. Now there are 10 active competitors in our club, who won
5 championships last year.

Competition in Krušné hory/Giant Mountains, probably 1965.
2. from the left the former president Milan Hlavatý
6. from the left the current president Luděk Fabián

Members of the club in November 1999.